Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Troubleshooting a 1985 Mercedes Benz

1. Check the hood latch.One of the common problems that people have with a Benz is the hood latch. Unlike other types of cars, the Mercedes Benz comes with a two-part latching mechanism that requires a lever inside the car to be released before the hood handle itself can be used to pop open the hood. If you cant open the hood, make sure that the internal lever inside the car has been pulled open. Go back outside and pull open the hood in an upward motion, making sure that you hold the hood through the catch handle. Hold the grille as you do this, becuase the grille is actually a part of the hood.
2. Check the headlights.If the headlights are not functioning, you need to remove the housing that covers the bulb, and then turn the bulb in a counterclockwise motion. Once removed, make sure that there is no dust or dirt in between the bulb and the plug. Replace the bulb by turning clockwise. Make sure that the bulb rotates evenly. Also check the headlamp fuse which is located in the fuse box. You can replace an old fuse by pulling it out and then reattaching it through the retaining clip.
3. Check the batteries.One of the common reasons why the engine will not start is because of a dead battery. To check whether the battery is the cause of an engine that will not start, make sure that the neutral safety switch is turned on and put the pedal in full throttle. Also make sure that the seat belt is fastened, because some Benz models are designed to not operate until the seat belt is fastened. If the car still wont start, try checking the radio, fans, wipers and the headlights. If these do not work, you probably need to replace your car battery.