Friday, May 10, 2013

Lexus LF Lc maybe in production

Lexus LF-Lc
An interesting post about Lexus. Recently the news that the brand again like a coupe in its range and that this would include with an eye to the new GS were examined. Now looms the LF Concept Luke as a possible successor to the SC 430.

The Lexus LFA has no harm and with the LF-LC Concept showed the Japanese once again that they know from exciting cars to think. Production plans for this study wanted to know but little Lexus. So they focused rather on the more lucrative models like the new GS series. But the desire to SC 430 disappeared two years ago to award a successor will not be took off. A GS Coupe based on the new designated as a possible substitute. Lexus is now on back there by possibly still the LF-LC to give the green light after it has been inundated with positive responses on the draft version.

Automotive News that the message is not completely out of nowhere, the fact that its Lexus dealers a glass sculpture sent with the text "2012 GS Challenge ... 27,500 Sales ". This could be interpreted as a hint and an incentive to make as many HS and sell that on reaching a total of 27,500 pieces the LF Luke goes into production.