Friday, May 3, 2013

2012 Volkswagen GTI Reviews

Volkswagen GTI
Volkswagen GTI had become a benchmark for hot hatches, but in recent years has emerged from all sides. GTI while maintaining a conservative style, attention to detail, and overall good behavior, are now being taken over by others in terms of power, style and handling. For 2012, the situation does not improve, as last years model is taken over basically unchanged from 2011.

2012 Volkswagen GTI gets new LED daytime running lights and revised availability of small features, but practice otherwise unchanged.

Visually, the 2012 Golf gets updated LED daytime running lights and new 10-spoke 18-inch wheels on the GTI model of the highway, while the GTI with sunroof trim and navigation just add LED daytime running lights. The rest of the lineup remains the same as last year.

Under the hood is a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine making 200 hp - the same engine used in many other VW models. There is no denying the power shortage to the competition-hot hatchback: a whopping 60 hp. However, the factory GTI is fun to prove the driving experience, providing useful torque at low rpm, throaty exhaust note and even fuel. You can also link to the dual-clutch DSG transmission 2.0-liter VW manual automatic, so the easy engagement of the clutch automatic with precise control of the powertrain combines manual.

2012 Volkswagen GTI is a high performance version of the hatchback Golf. Two-door body styles and four doors offered. (. A variant of the better performance, limited production Golf R will also be available this year) there are two main trim levels: base and the Autobahn.

Volkswagen GTI manages preservation factors fun-to-drive hot hatch that has a favorite for decades. The corners of the car with enthusiasm, showing very little body roll, and while the suspension is firm, the journey is never comfortable, even over broken pavement. Even when pushed hard, almost no torque steer, something that can not be said of the rival Mazda Speed 3.

Standard safety equipment for the 2012 Volkswagen GTI including ABS disc brakes, stability and traction control, front seat side airbags and full-length curtain airbags.

The 2012 Volkswagen GTI has not been fully tested by the NHTSA, but this four-door model have a four-star rollover resistance rating to get. The IIHS, on the other hand, the level of all GTI models 2012 on rating of good and have Top Safety Pick for the four models.