Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to Take Apart a Door on a BMW 325I

Removing Door Panels
1. Place your large flat head screwdriver into the crease between the wood trim and leather upholstery located on your door panel. Pry off the wood trim on the door panel starting from the back to the front of the vehicle. Place the wood trim aside for reinstallation.
2. Pull down on the two plastic caps underneath the door armrest to remove them. Place the caps aside for reinstallation.
3. Slide your small flat head screwdriver between the plastic and leather crease of the window control plug on the top of the arm rest. Pry upward to remove the plug. Place the control plug aside for reinstallation.
4. Locate and remove two screws underneath the wood trim you removed in Step 1 using your torx t-20 screwdriver. Place the screws aside for reinstallation. Find and unscrew two screws underneath the armrest where you unplugged the two caps in Step 2 using your torx t-20 screwdriver. Find and remove one screw underneath the window plug you detached in Step 3 using your torx t-20 screwdriver.
5. Wedge your fingers between the door panel and the door, starting at the back of the door panel. Move your fingers clockwise down the door panel and pry the panel away from the door.
6. Hold onto the door panel, keeping it close to the door so that the wires connected behind the door panel do not rip out. Look behind the door panel and locate the two wire connections near the speaker and the white plastic piece in the center of the panel that connects to the door handle.
7. Depress both sides of the plastic connector pieces attached to the wires and pull away to release the wires from the door panel, allowing the panel to detach from the door.