Friday, May 3, 2013

How to Clean a 1995 Mercedes Benz S 500 Air Mass Meter MAF

1. Open the hood of your Mercedes, and remove the negative (-) battery cable with the socket set.
2. Locate the airflow meter. It will be mounted between your Mercedes air filter and intake manifold.
3. Remove the mounting bolts that hold the MAF housing in place with the socket set.
4. Remove the hose clamp that holds the hose in place on the back of the MAF housing, and then pull the hose off.
5. Remove the MAF sensor from its housing by unscrewing the retaining bolts and pulling it free from the main housing.
6. Spray the sensor off thoroughly with the canned air, and wipe the sensor down well with a clean rag.
7. Reverse the steps to put the mass air sensor back in place.