Friday, May 17, 2013

Toyota i ROAD Concept

Toyota i-ROAD Concept
The Toyota i-ROAD Concept has a gyroscopic device that allows us stop the ground during cornering to pass faster and stably.

The Toyota i-ROAD Concept continues to be a new approach, still conceptual, electric tricycle grabbing attention for its low power consumption. Minimum dimensions that allow move freely through the slum streets of modern cities.

The gear system of the Toyota i-ROAD Concept serves to improve straight-line stability control mode adaptive suspension to the road and is also the system that evaluates the center of gravity to lie down as you stroll motorcycle. The Toyota i-ROAD Concept requires no previous skills motorcycles, because its integrated system helps us keep control over it.

The electrical system of Toyota i-ROAD Concept is based on two electric motors 2 kW (2.7 hp) placed on the front rail. At a steady speed of 30 km / h allows a maximum travel of 50 miles.