Friday, May 3, 2013

How to Install Car Wiper Inserts

1. Lift the wiper arm and wiper off the windshield. Pushing the small retaining clip, remove the wiper blade assembly from the arm. If you are having trouble releasing the clips, use a small blade screwdriver as a pry. Gently return the arm back to the windshield.
2. Locate and release the retaining clip or pin that holds the insert onto the blade frame assembly. If there is no retaining clip, use a pair of needle nose pliers to gently bend the retaining point up so the insert can slide out. Slide the insert with the two metal shafts on either side off the blade frame.
3. Install the new insert with the metal shafts on both sides by sliding one end into the first blade frame retaining point. Slowly guide the insert and metal shafts into all of the retaining points until it is fully inserted into all of the blade insert holders. There may be 6 or more blade insert holders.
4. Reattach the retaining clip or bend the retaining point back. Check that the insert will not slide out of the wiper blade assembly.
5. Pick up the wiper arm from the windshield and position the wiper blade assembly on the shaft of the arm. Push with steady pressure until it snaps into place. Gently return the wiper blade and arm to the windshield.