Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to Permanently Power a Car 039 s GPS

1. Find the interior fuse panel for your vehicle. The vehicles manual will provide you with the location if you are having difficulty.
2. Place the GPS in the location on the dashboard you would like to it permanently be. Run the power wire towards the window and along the crevice between the glass and the dashboard in the direction of the fuse panel.
3. Connect the plug from the GPS power wire to the 12 volt female auto accessory socket.
4. Strip 1/4 inch off the insulated cover of the black and red wire and attach these to the wires on 12 volt female auto accessory socket using the butt connectors. The red wire will attach with the positive wire and the black to the negative wire. The butt connectors work by placing the two wires in either end and compressing the connector using a pair of pliers. Assure the connection is tight by gently pulling on the two wires.
5. Strip 1/4 inch off the end of the black wire and attach it to a suitable ground near the fuse panel. An automobile uses the metal frame as the electrical ground, thus most bare metal will work. Find a bolt in the metal and loosen it enough to slide the bare wire under it and tighten it back down.
6. Strip 1/4 inch off the red wire and attach it to the fuse tap using a butt connector.
7. Push the fuse tap into a empty slot in the fuse panel and put the 10 amp fuse in the fuse tap.
8. Organize the wires and attach them under the dash or near the fuse panel using the cable ties.