Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New car or used

Before all motorists once in your life gets poll to choose a car, especially if the amount of the proposed purchase is very limited. The proposal today is very large and diverse, which greatly complicates the process of making a final decision. In recent years, noted that the main criterion for young people is the appearance of the car, its power and class. Simply put, the degree of prestige. Of course much cooler ride girlfriend in sports, even if right-hand drive Japanese car with an aggressive design than, for example, the Audi 80, Volkswagen Passat B3 or the beginning or mid-90's, standing at about the same price category. Hardly anyone thinks that the difference in the cost of spare parts is just huge and sometimes exceeds the cost of the car. Many settled on a loan to purchase more expensive, but the new car, believing that it will break down less, and therefore costs and require disproportionately low. But is it really? My friend, for example bought a new, very inexpensive, but in moderation comfortable Fiat Albea credit. All of it in the car like it, but here it's time to routine maintenance, which, inter alia, a part of any loan agreement for the purchase of the vehicle. For replacement only filters and spark he had paid eight thousand rubles. Because from an authorized dealer, and elsewhere can not be serviced, you lose the guarantee (and under the hood at all seals - will not be fooled), that is a violation of the loan agreement, for which the bank would require a complete early repayment, and, ultimately, through the court will select a car, for which so much blood has already been paid, but still have him stay. Looking chassis, counted seven thousand for the lever, which on other used cars is seven times smaller. Another friend at the same time stopped in a normal service on the Volkswagen Passat B3, in less than fifteen hundred changed almost all the fluid and filters, all three completely went through the rear brakes and left satisfied. It is worth considering, especially now that due to the crisis. But, after all, the new car has undeniable advantages: it is yours alone, and, anyway, the service you will go less often, though, and pay more, so that if the peace of mind for you is more expensive to choose a new car. And if the first place is the comfort and savings, then it is better to count, looking at the cost of servicing vending iron horse.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The rules of painting the car with his hands

Toyota-car in need of care and comfort care, attention and love of the automobile owner. And, of course, this also applies to the appearance of the car, and immediately his painting. And who, as a pet owner does not make it better? Of course, the professionals by professionals, but their own manual labor has always been a special account in the price. Of course, having decided to paint at home, you need to follow certain rules and technological aspects, so as not to turn your favorite beauty Toyota into a monster. In the first place, just before the painting, you need to completely clean up the beautiful and once again think well - whether painting is necessary, or you can leave everything as is. Of course, the need to wash your own hands, and at the same time, check out the bottom, pillars and other details on the actual importance of the repair. And if, still need repair any details, the painting should be postponed. The next stage - to paint is to prepare the body. With the help of pliers, screwdrivers and other tools necessary to remove all the body parts (seals, locks, etc.) that are not subject to paint. Further, after this painstaking studies the turn of cleansing the body from corrosion. If you notice holes from rust is necessary to use welding. The next stage - a primer. That is, anti-corrosion coating of a car, which is divided into three phases. The initial phase - phosphate metal (creating a special protective film). The second stage - with the help of a primer to equalize the smoothed virtually invisible defects and the surface is prepared specifically for varnishing. The third and last stage - creates a finished appearance of the coating. And only after that can be applied to the surface of the enamel. Hence it comes out and the fourth step - the application of enamels. Here we should take into account different types of paints: - Single Layer - Dual Layer - giving the surface of mother of pearl and metallic effect that is very profitable and expensive it will look at the modern and stylish car Toyota. In order to paint the car "at home" is better to use acrylic paint because it does not require high temperatures and long periods of time during drying. And it's really important, because for a really high-quality paint must be applied three coats of paint that need to dry for a relatively short period of time fifth stage, the last - finishing. When the surface is completely dry - needed polishing. After the polishing surface is applied acrylic lacquer, and then be dried. Based on these, in principle, not complicated, but actually quite laborious and require large amounts of time steps, you can upgrade your Toyota and if successful, result in a long time to be proud of its successful outcome of its activities, as manual work, as mentioned, always especially appreciated. And not every car owner is capable of such a feat!