Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to Program Memory Seats on a Chevy

1. Inspect the outside edge of the drivers side seat in your Chevy vehicle. Look for the buttons labeled 1 and 2. If your Chevy doesnt have them, it does not have the memory seat feature.
2. Sit in the drivers-side seat and adjust the seat to fit your proportions by pushing the power-seat selector up or down to raise or lower the seat. Push it back or forth to adjust your seat-track position. If your Chevy has electronic lumbar, adjust it using the side lumbar control. as well, which will also be saved into your memory seating position.
3. Press and hold the 1 button. Youll hear a chime in about five seconds notifying you that the memory seat is programmed to the current position.
4. Repeat the process for memory position 2. To recall either position, simply press the 1 or 2 button when you enter the car. The seat will automatically adjust to the programmed position.