Saturday, May 4, 2013

How to Customize BMW X5

1. Determine where the majority of your driving will be done. If you drive in winter and cold weather climates, consider the sport option on the X5 which includes heated seats, headlight wipers and frost and fog-free headlamps.
2. Customize the X5 by getting the third bench seat option. This gives the X5 additional seating in the back storage hatch area; this is a solid custom option for larger families.
3. Add additional fog lamps or headlights to the front grill should you live where heavy fogs or snow is present. These lights also shed extra light should you live in an area with deer, moose or other wildlife that may be in the road during night-time hours.
4. Consult the Thule or Yakima rack options for the X5. Get a rack designed to transport anything from bicycles to kayaks, surfboards or skis to round out the X5 custom options.