Saturday, May 11, 2013

1971 1975 Road Runner Generation Overview

1972 Plymouth Road Runner Front View

1972 Plymouth Road Runner Interior and Dashboard

Generation muscle cars 1971 Road Runner shows a pretty clear identity, which form the vehicle body is rounded like a plane. This car was available options two and four-leaf door with Chrysler styling trends, hidden hood, vehicle body length is reduced, increasing stability when driven in a corner because even though the overall length is reduced but the wheelbase increase.

1972 Plymouth Road Runner Rear View

1971 Roadrunner engine components view

Car Road Runner using a compression machine 8.7. hardened seats, exhaust valve and generate forces of up to three hundred horsepower. For road machine runners 340 and 383 receive the insurance rating standards without expensive premiums. The label is usually attached to the muscle cars. Road Runner 1970 increased generation aerodynamics than the previous generation.

1972 Plymouth Road Runner Right Side View

Road Runner Trade Mark and Branding Logo

1972 Road Runner generations there have been new regulations drive power emission below 1 per 4 mile. The model is actually similar to 1971, some visible change is the tail lights changed to match the new aerodynamic look and design of the grill was cleaned, from the lattice. Side marker lights to change from an attractive, stylish, rear axle ratio, tire size, and lastly (and most noticeably), the engine, with 383 big-block version was replaced by a larger-bore (and lower performance) 400 CID.

1974 Plymouth Road Runner - Front Cup Engine Components Opened

After 1972, the road runner speed is no longer 440. Model 400 is sized machines is offered with the biggest engine Plymouth, four speeds which also may have with 340 to 360 (this machine generation used until 1974). Mein-sized Road Runner 440 is still used for road runner muscle car output in 1973 and 1974, although only 727 mated to automatic TorqueFlite.

Plymouth Road Runner

Interior of 1972 Plymouth Road Runner

1975 Road Runner model was newly restyled, looked more formal with the B-body called the Fury. The Road Runner use a blacked out grille also special stripe treatment to distinguish it from the Fury. Driver magazine testing of 1975 use the 400 engine. Plymouths most powerful engine. While just a shadow of the 1970 figures, this performance was at least respectable for the times.

the Road Runner was changed from Belvedere to Satellite to Fury the Road Runner. While the Road Runner name was planned to be on a B-body. Then Plymouth published literature for the 1976 model of the year.