Thursday, May 23, 2013

Painting car interior with their own hands

Well, gentlemen drivers, sorry denezhek a professional painting? Or, maybe not sorry, but just not pay? Well, let's try to cope with this case for its delicate little hands. Any car cover over time cease to hold direct functions. Consequently, we must roll up their sleeves and take up painting. The point is not easy, but it is quite possible to manage if the desire to acquire and patience. The procedure itself is painted - it is, of course, Pleven, and the rest of the time spent on it in order to fully prepare your vehicle for this procedure. Let's begin: 1. Disassemble the car apart (disassemble the body and make sure to remove fine or rubber items). 2. Wash and dry your vehicle (or what's left of it) by an industrial dryer. 3. Carefully and meticulously remove all the places where they found pockets of corrosion, and also become unusable small parts (draim until a clear and brilliant iron). 4. Remove the vehicle's old coating by chemical or mechanical method. Now, gently and carefully degrease the entire surface. There should be absolutely no lint or other debris from the fabric. Sit down and perekurivaem - half the work we did! Now proceed to the painting itself: First, begin to spray the Developing layer, which consists of automotive paint and "Sadolin". This layer allows you to see and treat any defects that appear after the fillers. Paint the vehicle in such a scheme: a) paint box car b) proceed to correct and window openings in) go to the main surface of our cars. The paint must be applied from the top down and, necessarily, soft horizontal movements. Necessary to put about three layers of automotive paint. With the main painting we finished, now need to think about how dry the car. In any case, do not expose it in the sun! The vehicle should be dried in the garage for about two or three days. But in this case your work will not end! Now go to the nearest market and buy the paint to be used for staining of the instrument panel, door handles, center console, etc etc. Of course, you can go to a specialty store and pick doroguschy paint, such as «Folia Tec», but let's do without it. We are quite satisfied with market-based options. In addition to paint, we'll need about three cans of plasticizer and lacquer. First apply to all elements of two or three layers of plasticizer. Now let it dry well. After this, gently apply one coat of paint, and after about fifteen minutes - the second layer. After the paint dries well - starting to apply paint. In those places where your hands often touch the car, try to apply a thicker layer of lacquer.